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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is, without any doubt, one of the greatest professional athletes of all time, who left his print on boxing, changing this sport forever. In 1999, he was ranked number 1 boxer of all times by the Associated Press. One year earlier, Ring Magazine, one of the most prestigious boxing magazines, had placed him on the 1st position in a top of world’s greatest boxers of all time.

Muhammad Ali Net Worth – $80 Million

Birth Name – Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. [AKA: The Greatest, The People’s Champion, The Louisville Lip]
Date of birth – January 17, 1942
Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
Birth Place – Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 3″
Profession – Professional Boxer, Social activist, Philanthropist, Actor

Ali’s impressive boxing career was built step by step, hundreds of hours of training and amateur fights being needed before he reached perfection, creating his unique boxing style. Millions of fans around the globe know every detail of his legendary matches with Joe Frasier, George Foreman or Sonny Liston. The last mentioned match was also the one that marked the debut of his glorious career.

Muhammad Ali – The Rise of a Legend: Born in Louisville, Kentucky, to Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr., he was initially known as Cassius Clay Jr., receiving the name Muhammad Ali after his conversion to Islam, in 1964. He was remarked when he was 12 years old by a police officer called to intervene in an incident involving a stolen bike belonging to young Cassius.

After tracking down the thief, the boy started beating him, his fighting style being noticed by the police officer, who was a boxing coach. He advised the young boy to channel his energy to better purposes, and so Ali’s road to fame began.

Even when he boxed as an amateur, he developed a unique fighting style, with Ali shuffle and rope-a-dope among his most famous techniques. Under the supervision of coach Fred Stoner, the young athlete won 2 National Golden Gloves, 6 Kentucky Golden Gloves and an Amateur Athletic Junior title.

The peak of his career as an amateur was the winning of 2 gold medals at the 1960 edition of the Olympic Games. The statistics for the time he boxed as an amateur is stunning, including 100 wins and only 5 lost matches.

Muhammad Ali Net Worth and His Career as a Professional Boxer: When he came back from the Olympics, the already famous athlete decided that it was time to try his luck in the professional boxing field. He debuted with a win on the 29th of October, 1960, and, for the next 3 years, did not lose a single match.

His prodigious career not only made Muhammad Ali gain worldwide recognition, but also put a lot of money into his pocket. Currently, the former athlete has a net worth estimated at 80 million dollars.

While most of the money came from his sport career, he also received considerable amounts from the interviews he gave, from the books written about him and from the movies having his life and career as a subject. Muhammad Ali is also known for his anti-war and human rights activism.


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