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Peyton Manning

When football fans are asked about the most famous players in the last two decades, the name of Peyton Manning is among the first they mention. Indeed, the quarterback seems to have a magic touch, as he decisively contributed to the success of almost all teams he played for.

Peyton Manning Net Worth – $185 Million

Birth Name – Peyton Williams Manning
Date of birth – March 24, 1976
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Birth Place – New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 5″
Profession – American football player

On the other hand, he also possesses the Midas touch, as his professional achievements are doubled by an enormous financial success. With contracts signed on fabulous figures, and other considerable amounts received from endorsing various products, he is one of the richest athletes in US.

Peyton Manning Sources of Income: The football player’s main source of money is his salary, his current team, the Denver Broncos, paying him the incredible amount of 18 million dollars a year. The team he played for before joining the Broncos, the Indianapolis Colts, signed with him in 2011 for the same yearly salary.

The contract was a hot subject at the time for sport journalists, who commented that the quarterback became one of the highest grossing athletes in the US. When signing with the Denver Broncos, he managed to get the same yearly payment, under the condition of undergoing a series of detailed medical examinations every year.

However, not only the salary contributed to Peyton Manning net worth of $185 million. Every year, he makes a fortune from endorsements for companies like MasterCard, Sony, Gatorade or Reebok. He also gets money for allowing that his name be associated with different TV channels, like DirecTV or ESPN.

Put together, the off-field winnings surpass his salary by far, reaching 25 million dollars a year. Add to that the fact that he is the owner of 21 Papa John’s pizza restaurants, spread throughout the entire state of Colorado, and you have the complete image of Manning’s financial success.

A lot of the money he earns goes to charity, the quarterback being known for supporting the cause of disadvantaged children. For this, he created the Peyback Foundation, but he also contributes to other fund raising campaigns promoting this noble cause.

Peyton Manning Career in Statistics: Member of a dynasty of professional football players, with his brother, Eli Manning, being the most famous, the quarterback always wanted to live up to his name, and he brilliantly succeeded. Throughout his career, he was voted 4 times MVP, and he was also included in the Pro Bowl team 13 times.

Peyton Manning currently holds the record for the greatest number of consecutive seasons with more than 4,000 yards passing, and he won a Super Bowl with his former team, the Indianapolis Colts, in 2006. He was also declared NFL Comeback Player of the Year by Associated Press in 2012, following the contract he signed with Denver Broncos.


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