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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was born in 1941 in the state of New York and he is an American politician. Currently he represents the state of Vermont as a U.S. senator. He is associated with the democratic party. During the Civil Rights Movement, this U.S.politician was active in the March on Washington. Bernie is also the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. People consider him as a democratic socialist. Currently he is prepared to run for president of the U.S. in 2016. Bernie is married with 4 children.

Bernie Sanders Net Worth – $0.7 Million

Birth Name – Bernard Sanders
Date of birth – September 8, 1941
Zodiac Sign – Virgo
Birth Place – Brooklyn, New York City, U.S
Nationality – American
Height – 5’8”
Profession – Politician, Film director, Researcher, Writer, Carpentry

Bernie Sanders Net Worth equals to about seven-hundred thousand dollars. He once worked as a journalist and a carpenter. In The New Statesman Magazine, Bernie was named in the Top 20-U.S.Progressive. His political career began in the year 1981.

His titles that lead him to the Bernie Sander’s Net Worth include ranking member for the Budget Committee, and a ranking member for the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, he has served on a variety of Senate Committees, Chairman, economy, immigration and congressional sessions and more… Bernie Sanders also plays an important role in fundraising events for election.

Bernie if elected as president would remove marijuana from a list of illegal drugs on the federal drug list. Many Americans, especially in states that still list marijuana as an illegal drug, would agree with his major decision. Under his final plan, he believes that all states would have the right to regulate marijuana. It has already been approved for recreational use in about four states including Washington. If this happens, then the drug that so many Americans are fighting to be approved for legal use would be removed from the schedule controlled substance list. This was reported by the Chicago Tribune Online. There are quite a few Americans who agree with his decision and believe they will vote for him, but there are some Americans who do not agree with him at all.

There are just a few facts that people should know about this politician and they are, he is democratic socialist, and Bernie Sanders has raised about 2.1 million green back dollars in just three days for election, he has won his first mayor election by just 10 votes, and he has an 80 year old brother who recently moved to the United Kingdom and is proudly running for British Parliament.

Bernie makes quite a few great investments for his fine worthy assets that he has earned in agriculture, finance and natural resources, real estate, stocks, mutual and cash. Many people know Bernie by his real name as Bernard Sanders. He owns a luxurious condominium in Burlington, and has a good amount of cash stashed in a credit union and a nice retirement account. It was estimated in the year 2010 that Bernie owed 315,000 dollars in liabilities. Many people believe that he is responsible to pay his liability in what he owes, especially running for President of the United Sates.


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