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Birdman, the American rapper, is also a CEO and an entrepreneur and was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also known under the name of Bryan “Baby” Williams and is a co-founder of Cash Money Records, started in 1989 with Ronald “Slim” Williams, his brother.

Birdman Net Worth – $180 Million

Birth Name – Bryan Williams [AKA: Baby, B-32]
Date of birth – February 15, 1969
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Birth Place – New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 11″
Profession – Record producer, Entrepreneur, Rapper

Very talented, Birdman went platinum repeatedly, as both artist and producer. He helped craft albums for several huge artists like Juvenile and Lil Wayne. He was nominated for two Grammy awards in 2000, for his song Number One Stunna, released with Mannie Fresh, the other member of the Big Tymers rap duo.

Taking into consideration the value of Cash Money Records, the most successful commercial label in the hip-hop music branch, with sales of more than 50 million records per year and revenues exceeding $100 million, nobody is or should be surprised to hear that Birdman net worth is now $180 million.

At the age of 22, Birdman already had a net worth exceeding $40 million. Cash Money Records signed a distribution agreement with Universal Music, and this deal is said to bring the company at least $30 million even without printing a single record. But the most important thing with this deal is that Cash Money Records is allowed to own the masters, and not even the great Beatles have had this deal. This brings Birdman’s company not a few pennies for record sold, but a profit of several dollars generated per unit.

Birdman really is a healthy man. He owns a condo in Miami, evaluated at $30 million, and claims to buy 100 new cars every 6 months, while giving away the “old” ones. He is also wearing jewelry evaluated at millions of dollars, including the famous 15 carat set of black diamond ring and earrings or the $500,000 grill he wears on his teeth.

What else could be said about a wealthy man like Birdman? Maybe that he personally lost a fortune during hurricane Katrina, including 50 cars and 20 houses. Among those 50 cars, there were 4 Ferraris and 2 Maybachs.

With such a successful life, Birdman decided, in 2010, to launch an energy and oil venture with his brother, which he called “Bronald Oil”. The name comes from his name, Bryan, and that of his brother, Ronald. This company is planned to explore and exploit oil resources in the areas of Oklahoma Osage County and U.S. Gulf Coast.

His huge wealth of $180 million is likely to continue to rise, 2o16 already seems to be a great year for him, and we will be updating this post as we get more updates about his wealth.


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