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Zak Starkey Net Worth



How rich is Zak Starkey?

Zak Starkey net worth is
$20 Million

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Zak Starkey Net Worth 2017, Biography & Wiki


Zak Starkey Net Worth $20 Million Dollars

Zak Starkey net worth: Zak Starkey is an English rock drummer that has a net worth of $20 million dollars. He began playing drums when he was in elementary school, after Keith Moon of The Who, gave him a drum set as a present. Though his father didn’t desire him to become a musician, he had already started to perform professionally by the time he was 12. He’s gone on to perform with multiple groups and artists through the years, including his own group, Johnny Marr & the Healers, together with Humble Pie, Bobby Tench, and Paul Weller. He functioned as the drummer for the band, Oasis, from 2004-2008, appearing on two of their records and touring together. He also toured with his own band, Penguinsrising, which featured his partner Sharna Lugiz and his daughter Tatia. He’s been the unofficial drummer for The Who since 1996.


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